Well you might be wondering who are we, what do we do and what is our company philisophy?

If so, then you come to the right page! This section will introduce you all to the company founders, explain our aims and objectives (including our company philisophy), background and explain our thoughts of the web design sector.

What is Brighton-Webdesign?

Well quite simply it is an web design agency offering creative web design. Initially, we are offering services, primarily, of web design, but we are hoping to branch our services out, when the time is right to offer other solutions to general company needs. We would like to be seen as general problem solvers, covering anything I.T., whether it is computer hardware, software or internet related.

What is the company’s philisophy?

To help local companies compete in a national market-place and bring them in-line with many of the other companies around the Country. We aim to help broaden their markets and increase their technological awareness and abilities at the same time.

What’s the company background?

We started this company as a small venture to capitalise on the fact that many of the local businesses and companies have not developed an on-line presence. After all, a market can be extended nationally (if not globally) with ease, aided by the web and can bring long-term financial benefits, if developed and maintained well. We hope to provide this solution to many of companies that we visit and hopefully with our help, they can see the benefit of a bigger market-place!