Author: Dylan Powell

3 Benefits of Having a Mobile-Friendly Website

Tablets, smartphones, gaming devices, and other mobile devices have made it a necessity to have a website that is mobile-friendly. Statistics are showing that more people are accessing web content through mobile devices than through computers or laptops. This means that your website may be looked over or may lead to a poor experience if it does not work on mobile devices. If you want your website to perform well on search engines and also be user-friendly, you need to make it mobile-friendly. Here are some benefits of having a mobile-friendly website: Improved user experience – People are sending...

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Sheffield Website Designer For Small Businesses

Domain Name Registration, FREE Hosting Packages, Great Value Small Business Hosting. Looking for a Small Business Website Designer and Management Service? SAVE MONEY on the high costs of advertising in your local or national newspapers, magazines, yellow pages and specialist associated business website directories? You can now get the same or more publicity from advertising through your own website!!! Get Local, plus National and Worldwide Advertising Online! Discover the Benefits and Low Costs of having your own Business Website! We are a website design business in Woodseats, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, helping small businesses and self employed professionals get started...

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Web Design & Internet Marketing

Important aspects of Website Design When designing your website, there are many style elements that are important to consider. There is more to creating a page than just throwing some images and text into a pretty layout, and these techniques should help you with the design process. THE RULE OF THIRDS This is a common rule that is not only used in images and graphic design, but with web development as well. This rule cuts the page into nine even pieces, and it tries to keep the important aspects of the page that you want brought forward near the...

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Brighton Web Design

Well you might be wondering who are we, what do we do and what is our company philisophy? If so, then you come to the right page! This section will introduce you all to the company founders, explain our aims and objectives (including our company philisophy), background and explain our thoughts of the web design sector. What is Brighton-Webdesign? Well quite simply it is an web design agency offering creative web design. Initially, we are offering services, primarily, of web design, but we are hoping to branch our services out, when the time is right to offer other solutions...

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Professional Web Design & Development

When designing a website, there are many aspects involved that can make it more difficult than first meets the eye. Not only must you be able to apply style elements that will look appealing to the audience, but you need to be able to prepare it for marketing as well. In terms of hardware, any cheap computer or laptop will do. No special specifications required. You can easily find laptops for sale within any price range online. If you have no expertise yourself then find a creative design agency who can implement your ideas through graphic and digital design....

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