Author: Dylan Powell

Importance of web development and optimisation

Having a website is not a one-off thing you’ll need to ensure that it’s updated and optimised continuously. Web development and optimisation goes hand in hand together as they both affect each other. For instance, your speed site can affect your SEO and so does your website’s content. Below are some tips on how to improve your overall site for better optimisation. Use HTTPS This year, Google announced that any website that is not using HTTPS would be classed as unsecured. So it’s vital to switch to HTTPS to ensure your website is secure. Other extra benefits come with enabling your HTTPS, and this includes faster loading speed which is essential for user experience and SEO. Remove unnecessary plugins Using too many plugins on your site can cause many issues including lower rate and slower loading times. Make sure that your website is only using the essential plugins and it’s critical to remove any unnecessary plugins. Image compression If your website speed is still slow, compressing your image file will help your site load quicker. Image compression will cut the file size of the image, and as soon as the files are reduced, your site should load faster than before. Minify the files If your files are too big, it would be ideal to use a minification technique on your coding files. The minify technique will ensure your codes...

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Creative Web Design Process

Taking the essence of your business and condensing it onto a series of web pages can be a complicated process. For that reason, when designing your website, the agency adheres to a fairly logical design process, in order to deliver their services as quickly and smoothly as possible. Creating the perfect web design for your business will take time and money to get it just right. But once you have a company branding and a fresh new look, you will hopefully notice more potential clients and customers staying on your page. However, it will take some extensive planning to get it exactly how you want it and working well. This is a job that usually needs professionals. Most professional companies will fill out a ‘Creative Brief’, the main master plan which sets out parameters for how your webpage should look and what it needs to contain and do. You can either meet up to do this or if you feel confident, they can send you a creative brief document to fill out yourself. They will have many questions for you at this point such as: -What’s the nature of your business or organisation? – What services and products do you offer? – How are these different from other similar products and services on the market? – Do you have a logo (and if not do you need one)? – Do you...

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Creating a professional web design

To generate popularity for your website, gain visitor’s trust, and most importantly, keep them there for longer than 4 seconds, you’re going to have to catch their eye with attractive, professional design that stands out and is easy to use. Good designers concentrate on creating clear, eye-catching, professional designs, that are easy to read and navigate, and compliant with modern web standards. That last bit – ‘web standards’ – is important, and ignored by many: this is what ensures your site can be viewed by everyone, no matter what computer and software they have, for years to come. If you need a professional company to take over your website design, it’s always important to find the very best, but within a reasonable budget. Many websites aren’t simply online brochures – they’re a functioning part of the business. It’s possible to integrate virtually anything you might need, be it the ability to sell online (an online shop), the ability to update your site yourself with no specific technical knowledge (content management) or the need to store customer details (databases). ‘How much does it cost?’ is the first question for most.The computer system itself will not cost much. The basic hardware and software should suffice for basic web design. Purchase software like Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop if you want additional tools. For hardware, you can buy any basic laptop for sale. Even...

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4 Reasons Why Your Local UK Business Needs a Website

Small businesses often have the idea that they are too small to need a website. Many of the local businesses don’t have websites because that is what they think or because they don’t have the time or funds to create one. No matter the size, your business needs a website. There are many different options to choose from and the simple and straightforward ones are not that expensive. You can even create one yourself if you don’t have another option. This is why your business needs a website: 1. You can sell further than local With online businesses and...

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4 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Web Design Company

Having a website for your business is essential if you want to be successful in today’s environment. If you need a new website or would like to update or overhaul your existing website, it is good to hire a web design company. Before you hire them, however, you need to consider a few things. What do need for your website? To answer this question, you need to know what you want your website to say and what you want to accomplish. You need to know how much money you can put into this design. You also need to make...

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